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The Board

President: Mohammad Fard Therani

Vice President: Mohammad Davarzani

Foreign Relations Manager: Farshad Davarzani

Technical Supervisor and Webmaster: Sune T. Nielsen

Secretary: Pia Rezazadeh

General Manager: Nis Marcussen

Media Manager: Arash Shadeh-Mohammadi

Supervisor: Aydin Ehtesham

Office Administrator: Diana Ljungberg

Public Relations Manager: Christian Mogensen

Supervisor: Frank Madsen

Europe: Flemming Malm

Asia: Mohammad Davarzani

New Zealand/Australia: Peter Wainwright

Africa: Ed Monso


Dear friends of sports,

World Toa Federation and The Colosseum invite all Thai boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and Kung Fu Toa clubs all over Europe and abroad to participate in an international martial arts tournament, WKFTF European Open Championship, from May 18-20 2017. Preliminary entry-forms (fighters) is due April 15 th 2017 by e-mail: info@wkftf.com NO REGISTRATION after 15.04.2017 The tournament is organized by The Colosseum Club under the rules of WKFTF. Read more about the tournament here.

For those interested in becoming an official representative of the World Kung Fu To'a Federation and participate in our championships and competitions, you can fill out this application form:

WKFTF Application

There are some requirements for membership, which you can read about in the form.

This only applies to official representatives that either represent a club or a country.

Please send the application form to info@wkftf.com

Best Regards,
Manager of World Kung Fu To’a
Mohammad Fard Tehrani

To All Kung Fu To’a Practitioners,
World Toa Federation will participate in the Unified World Championships between the 25th - 30th October 2016. If you are interested in participating, contact us! Below is the link to the championships.

Unified World Championships

Best Regards,
Manager of World Toa Federation
Mohammad Fard Tehrani

To All Kung Fu To’a Practitioners,
I would like to inform all Kung Fu To’a practitioners around the world, if you have any suggestions or ideas regarding the articles of association of World Kung Fu To’a , please let us know within 6 months form this date 11/08/2015.

WKFTF articles of association

Best Regards,
Manager of World Toa Federation
Mohammad Fard Tehrani