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The first course of class arbitration ( international C )
World Toa Federation
In Asia and Iran
With the presence of international lecturer
And the head of the global 
referee Kung Fu Toa
Master bahram saljooghi 
Time: 10 o’clock 
Address : Iran - Gilan - fouman city - andishe sport club 
The date of holding the arbitration class in Tehran is subsequently announced

Dear friends of sports,

World Toa Federation and The Colosseum invite all Thai boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and Kung Fu Toa clubs all over Europe and abroad to participate in an international martial arts tournament, WKFTF European Open Championship, from May 18-20 2017. Preliminary entry-forms (fighters) is due April 15 th 2017 by e-mail: info@wkftf.com NO REGISTRATION after 15.04.2017 The tournament is organized by The Colosseum Club under the rules of WKFTF. Read more about the tournament here.

For those interested in becoming an official representative of the World Toa Federation and participate in our championships and competitions, you can fill out this application form:

WKFTF Application

There are some requirements for membership, which you can read about in the form.

This only applies to official representatives that either represent a club or a country.

Please send the application form to info@wkftf.com

Best Regards,
Manager of World Toa Federation
Mohammad Fard Tehrani

To All Kung Fu To’a Practitioners,
World Toa Federation will participate in the Unified World Championships between the 25th - 30th October 2016. If you are interested in participating, contact us! Below is the link to the championships.

Unified World Championships

Best Regards,
Manager of World Toa Federation
Mohammad Fard Tehrani


World Toa Federation

The word Toa is inspired by Pahlavi and Middle Persian.

Toa means: someone’s invitation. Come, join. The word Toa is related to one of the martial arts of ancient Iran. We believe that the martial art of Toa is based on three pillars of meaning: 1. Tan (body) 2. Varza (bull) 3. Andishe (thought) The Varese image is symbolically a part of the Toa sign. The sign of the Toa martial art is inspired by the Simin statue. We believe that this statue, with considerable detail and elegance, refers to a part of Mitra's culture, customs, art and ritual that nurtures harmony between body and soul. The Simin statue is now located at Japan's Miho Museum of Art. The reason for the use of this Simin statue in the Toa sign is because it represents a very beautiful image with an animal's foot in one hand and a weapon in the other hand. 1. The body is full of muscles and bones that are interconnected and formed by the five nerves and senses of sensory perception, which provide the capacity for self-enhancement and free will to achieve a goal. Varza: Training, practicing, understanding and repeating the differences that lead to conflict, leading to a burgeoning talent. Thought: The result is an attempt to answer accurately the questions posed by a person and Varza with the help of tools such as logic, wisdom, and the ability to teach.

Toa Application

Fill out this form if you want to represent World Toa Federation in your country.

Our goal is to unify worldwide practitioners of Kung Fu Toa under one roof. Through international fight tournaments and form exhibitions we seek to heighten the martial arts quality and understanding of all participants. We believe this cooperation and exchange of ideas within the Toa family will ensure our mutual growth and longevity. We are all about sports and we have no political agenda or purpose.

See where the fights take place in Toa

Toa Arena

These are the files you need in order to participate in Toa tournaments

Entry form

Freestyle fighting light

Freestyle fighting light rules

Stand up fight light

Stand up fight light rules